Respond to the following peer discussion.

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  • Interpret the significant impact of New Public Management on Non-Profit Reform. Next, infer two (2) challenges that are associated with implementing the reform in non-profits. Provide a rationale for your response.

NPM allowed for the decentralizing of organizations forcing therm to become mission driven and incentive based. It also allows for consistency across all organizations for resource development, productivity and recruitment. One challenges associated with implementing the reform in nonprofits is funding, or under funding. Nonprofits rely heavily on funding to survive. Without it or without proper funding many fail or the programs they offer are not able to be implemented properly. Some governments fail to pay full costs of contracted services which then becomes a wasteful burden for these organizations. A second challenge would be measuring performance. In these organizations neutrality and objectivity is close to non existent.

  • According to the text, the increased use of technology may be a threat to public administration and national security. Construct a scenario in which you support this theory, and propose two (2) methods geared towards minimizing the technological threats identified within your scenario.

Although increasing technology allow for improved functions of an organization in relation to record keeping & productivity it also can allow for information to be viewed or stolen. In relation to national security a cyber hacker whom is knowledgeable of the technology advances could hack in and take, plus share information not other wise supposed to be shared. To help minimize I propose a hacker proof system designed by a limited amount of people to avoid to many people with access. I also propose additional security features such as requiring multiple passwords, voice print, finger print and code phrases all before being able to access.

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