Introduction report ” How men’s and women’s brain different?” “

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So I need you to write a 1 and half introduction reprt about how mens and women’s brain different? This is a report

For this project, you will be writing a formal research report in which you identify a specific problem, question, or new development in your discipline. (If you are thinking about changing to a new major or exploring a new profession, you are certainly welcome to do so!) It should be prepared to be presented to a significant academic or professional journal in your intended professor or academic discipline. It should be approximately will be addressed to a formal academic audience in a relevant discipline; it is not addressed to a group of students or a public advocacy group. This report should be approximately 5 pages (not including the Works Cited page or bibliography) and will contain the following different sections.

An introduction of approximately 1 ½ pages in which you describe the issue and its origin and development. The introduction should signal the topic and place the issue into context in a way that is significant to your intended audience. That may mean providing a sense of historical, technical, economic, social, political, or cultural background, and it should create a research space for the paper and give a sense as to why you see this issue as important to your audience. The introduction should go on to give a sense of the method you will use to examine the topic, which in this case is a literature review. The introduction should conclude with a research question, one that is narrow enough to research and discuss in the space of eight to ten pages

Attached is a sample reprt introduction.

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