Group Research Project on Facial Recognition

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Topic: Facial Recognition

Written reports are to be divided into four parts and labeled with separate headings:

1) summarize the issue and expand upon the background material already presented based on additional research that you will conduct;

2) present arguments in support of the issue (Pro’s);

3) present arguments in opposition to the issue (Con’s);

4) state your conclusions. Your written report should cover all of the component parts cited above. Be sure your paper addresses the question you have been given. Do not alter the subject or change the question.

I expect you to utilize on-line databases, such as the Internet, Nexis Uni, or any other sources (including those listed in the Webliography) to flesh out and update what has happened regarding the issue (including additional background material, legislative activities, and/or legal developments) to the present time. Integrate this material into your report, as appropriate. In other words, I expect you to look for additional material you can use to supplement the readings you are given. This includes updated information about the opposing authors, where appropriate, and information from others who have written or spoken on opposite sides of the issue. Outside research is an essential part of this assignment.

Also note that at least 50 percent of your research references must come from the UMGC Library’s electronic
 databases. There will be a five-point penalty for noncompliance. Document your sources, including on-line resources, with footnotes. I have posted links to publications and web sites that will be useful for your research. They are available through the UMGC databases. Because several of them (Nexis Uni, for example) are subscription only publications, you must access them through your UMGC Library account. You will find links to some of them in the Webliography area of LEO (which you can find in the Content area under Course Resources. You may not cite encyclopedias, your textbook or Wikipedia as sources for this research paper. (I will attach articles from the UMGC Library below since you will not have access to them or if you can here is the link

Your written report should be no less than 10 pages long and double-spaced, not counting the title page.

Research Project Rubric


Failed to meet requirement

Partially met requirement

Fully met requirement


Issue summary & background




Length & organization

Writing quality


Teamwork & cooperation

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