hum111 week 5 discussion RESPONSE k.j. option B

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This week we learned about the Romanesque cathedrals. The Romanesque cathedrals were, in theory, to resemble that of the Romans. In our reading I learned that one of the key elements used to accomplish this was to design vaults. “The space was created by such vaults was designed to raise the worshiping pilgrims’ eyes and thus direct their thoughts to heaven.” Sayre, Henry. (2013).The Humanities. Learning from their ancestors they did make improvements on the vaults. Instead of using wood for the ceilings they used barrel vaults that were able to resist fire. Another aspect that was found in the cathedral were depictions of Christ and demons. These were engraved in the concrete columns of large doors and walls. They created some balance to the area as on one side you would show Christ welcoming those that were saved using one hand and the other hand pointing downward to hell for those that have not yet found salvation. The purpose of the sculptures were to instill fear into the people to assist in leading them to a better path and way of life.

I also learned more about the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. To get to the church there are several different routes, however, they are only accessible by foot. If traveling the popular route than it can take 35 days to travel, which I would imagine to be exhausting. The initial portion of the journey would be exciting and I would be on such a high of excitement. Then after a few hours of walking, looking at the scenery, and experiencing the elements of the outdoors I am sure the adrenaline rush would be gone and boredom would start to set in. Upon arriving to the monastery, the people there greet the visitors and pray for them. It is believed that by simply making the journey to this monastery that all sins will be forgiven. The people there also partake in a feet purification. I find this interesting as you can only travel there by foot, that they do a cleansing of the feet. The journey to Santiago de Compostela is symbolic to me of strength and dedication. For someone to make the journey it really would portray their desire and sincerity to be forgiven of sins.

Hi Mom,

Just wanted to let you know that you really are missing out on a fantastic trip. We are a little jet-lagged but everyone is still in

aw. Today we went to the Sea of Galilee. The temperatures felt great until getting in the water, it wasn’t as warm as I would have

hoped. Each of us were baptized by a priest here. I can’t wait to share with you the pictures. It was such a wonderful experience,

everyone was full of emotions. You would have enjoyed the fellowship and the site seeing.

With Love,


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