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ULOs reflected in discussion:

  1. Discuss retirement in terms of reasons, timings, and effects. (CLO 1 and 3)
  2. Understand the advocacy role that the Association of Adults and Retired Persons (AARP) plays in policies aimed at older adults. (CLO 3)


You are asked to take a virtual tour of the website provided. After your tour, you are asked to reflect upon the information that is provided in the context of the chapter covered in class during this unit.

  • When you reflect upon this information, you are asked to use APA style and to specifically cite information from the text.
  • You are also asked to respond to at least one peers post. This thoughtful response needs to be more detailed and specific. Responses like “Nice post” or “Good job” are unacceptable and thus not worth any credit.

This week you are asked to revisit your virtual tour of AARP. This link to retirement section of the AARP website provides information on social security, savings& planning, and planning for retirement. The article in particular, that you are being directed too, addresses six popular myths about social security. Please read this article and discuss it in the context of planning for your own retirement.

Here is the link:

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