unions and osha

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This is a discussion post not a paper. A cover page is not needed. The response needs to be thorough but it does not have to be long. Not more than one page. References are required.

1.Evaluate the overall importance of the National Labor Relations Board. Next, summarize the pertinent details of the case that you have selected, and give your opinion of the board’s decision and the fairness of the outcome. Support your response with specific details from the selected case.


You can choose one of the cases below or select a different case from the website listed above which will also help you answer the first part of overall importance. If you choose a different case, please do not choose one where a decision is pending. You will have to choose a different year because all of 2020 cases are pending.

Case Number

JD Number

Case Name


Issuance Date

Board Outcome



Chip’s Wethersfield, LLC d/b/a Chip’s Family Restaurant






Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, Inc. (MBUSI)




2.Evaluate the overall importance of OSHA – https://www.osha.gov/

Next, give your opinion of whether OSHA offers enough protection or overregulates the safety of workers. Support your response with specific details from the selected news story at site below:


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